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The Most Current, Comprehensive and Engaging

Video Training on Child Abuse


Heighten Awareness - Stop Child Abuse


Don't Let Another Child Be Abused!


Videos Recently Updated in April 2020 


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Certify and Train Your Staff

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Sad Statistics 


 1 in 4 girls will be abused


 1 in 7 boys will be abused


 The child knows the abuser 93% of the time


 A serial sex offender can abuse up to 360 persons before being caught



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Is Your Organization Safe?


As staff and volunteers working with kids, we strive to offer teaching, kindness and protection. Tragically, youth serving organizations have not always been safe places for kids. Child sexual abuse, physical abuse, exploitation and ritual abuse occur in churches, youth sports, and in any group that works with kids. 


If you work with kids you need this training! Safeguard from Abuse online training is critical to your child safety program. You will better understand what Child Abuse is and how to prevent Child Abuse from occurring. Your child protection policy should include Safeguard from Abuse Awareness Training and Certification. Child Abuse can only be stopped by raising the awareness of all those who work with children and youth. When behaviors of a predator are recognized, they can be reported and hopefully end the cycle of child sexual abuse. 


Child Safety Training, Risk Management, and Industry Compliance are vital to a successful youth-serving organization. Safeguard from Abuse trains ministers, coaches, youth group leaders, and volunteers to spot the grooming behaviors of a child sex offender. While background checks are good, there's so much more we can do to end child sexual abuse. The powerful combination of background checks and child abuse awareness programs deter the sex offender from infiltrating your organization.



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  • Child Abuse Awareness Video Training gives alertness to your staff and volunteers
  • Be sure you know about the New Stranger Danger—Online Predators
  • Understand how these Child Sex Offenders lure kids into their world through online and electronic devices




Who Uses Safeguard?


  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Camps
  • Youth Sports
  • Hospitals
  • Day Cares 
  • Child & Youth Organizations
  • Kids Gyms
  • YMCAs
  • Parent Volunteers
  • Coaches
  • Nannies - Babysitters
  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Tutors        
  • And many more

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Are You Conducting

Background Checks?


Check out our partner that specializes in screening staff & volunteers. 


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SecureSearch™ is the premier online volunteer and pre-employment screening service in the industry today. As the leading provider of background checks, we are used by volunteer and staff recruiters everywhere. Our Services are used by many Human Resource professionals and hiring managers to better ensure they know who they are hiring – every time.



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