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 Child Abuse Awareness Training DVD


The Safeguard from Abuse DVD Package includes the 75 minute video presentation, the 25 Question Test and Answer Key. This is the same video presentation as the online video presentation that helps raise awareness in your organization about child abuse. Available in both a faith-based program and a standard program. You must specify.


We will provide you with the DVD for training, a print-on-demand workbook, a print-on-demand test and answer key along with a printable certificate for those that pass the test.

• Learn how to spot an abuser and the lures they use on kids
• Learn about the 4 types of child abuse
• Identify the behaviors and signs of an abused child
• Understanding the new stranger danger—Internet Predators
• What to do if you suspect abuse
• Know if your staff or volunteers are bound to the State Mandatory Reporting Laws

Purchase DVD Package - Child Abuse Awareness Training DVD [click to enlarge]
Child Abuse Awareness Training DVD
Price: $299.00
*  $299.00 
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