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What does a child sex offender look like? Anyone.


Any person of any age, of any economic standing, of any religion or race. Child sex offenders disguise themselves as harmless and caring people. They place themselves in a leadership role as clergy, a coach, youth group leader, teacher, mentor, baby sitter, camp counselor, sunday school teacher, music leader, youth minister. Most importantly, these predators have the ability to create a sense of trust with both the child and their parents and are crafty at luring children. He/she may use affection, bribery, fun and games, drugs or alcohol, or threats to lure a child into a compromising situation. Most of your staff and volunteers would never dream of hurting a child, but there are some who will and who do.


Even today, there could be a member of your organization or church who has poisoned thoughts of children. It is that person who needs to be identified and taken swiftly away from the kids whom he or she may be praying on. 


As Christians, we grieve for the enormous injury and for the losses experienced by the child and the child's family if abuse has happened. Move beyond grief and move into action. Efforts must be taken to keep children safe.


Knowledge and on-going training is key.

And God's love will cast out fear. 



$10.50 per person or less depending on volume (group discounts available) 


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