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Facilitator Testimonial:



Safeguard from Abuse is a great resource to use as part of a comprehensive Risk Awareness process for volunteers.  We were in need of a concise, yet thorough child safety curriculum to use as part of our volunteer screening process.  Safeguard from Abuse has enabled us to provide accessible training options for our volunteer candidates.  We use the DVD for our monthly live class training environment and appreciate the flexibility of offering the online training for those who cannot attend a live class or need to be cleared for immediate service.  Attendees often comment that they’ve gained an increased awareness of abuse and a better understanding of how to respond.  We’ve found that requiring all adults serving at our church to complete Safeguard from Abuse training has contributed to a culture of accountability among our volunteers that benefits us as we seek to be the best possible stewards of God’s people and property. 



Kerry Jelinek, Director of Serving/Volunteers


Black Rock Church, CT



This is the best training so far!


From my standpoint as CAP (Child Abuse Prevention) Coordinator, I felt the training from Safeguard From Abuse was top-notch . . . right on target!  The information was very helpful and it was professionally done.  It held my interest even after I watched it several times.  It was easy to follow and the guidebook was extremely helpful when taking the test. The guidebook is also a great resource to look back on.  I would recommend this on-line training to any faith-based organization.  The support from Safeguard From Abuse and SecureSearch is the best!  They answer questions and return calls very quickly and that is very helpful to me.


CAP Coordinator ~  Church



Volunteer (Student) Testimonials:


The online training is much better

You can work at your own pace, and if you missed something, repeat and review as much as you need.  It was easy to follow.  This is the way to go.


I thought the information was excellent! 

Sometimes you don’t think about what you are seeing right in front of you.  I guess many times people don’t want to get involved – it’s easier to turn your head the other way.  But when you realize that a child’s life could be ruined forever, you need to do the right thing and report what you’ve seen or suspected.  I’m sure this training will make me more alert to what’s going on around me.


I liked the on-line training . . .

because it allowed me to progress at my pace from the comfort of my home.  It was well written and informative.  I could even take a break when I needed to.

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