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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions related to Safeguard From Abuse 

  • Is your training curriculum only for faith-based organizations?
    No. We offer two formats of video training for all organizations that work with children.


  • Do you offer group discounts?
    Yes. We offer pricing tiers for all group sizes.


  • Can volunteers do this training on their own schedule at home?
    Yes. Training is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week anywhere there is an Internet connection.


  • How do I invite my staff and volunteers to take the training?
    We can create a Group for your organization and then we will share with you how to have your trainees self-enroll into your group. Or we can import a list of trainees via a custom spreadsheet (please inquire)


  • What are the system requirements for viewing online training?
    The training works on PC’s and Mac computers – IE, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. The video training will not work with Apple devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad)


  • Can I download your online training?
    The training segments may be watched online only as streaming video, and cannot be downloaded to a computer.


  • Can we show the video to a large group without doing the certification? If so, what is the process?
    Yes. You can purchase the Unlimited License and send out the Private Link to all trainees. The price is $300.00 per year (unlimited use).


  • How long is the training video and can it be watched in segments?
    The video is 75 minutes and broken into 6 parts: An introduction, four training segments and a conclusion. You can pause the video as well as log out and return to where you left off.


  • How long does it take to complete the test for certification?
    Approximately 7-10 minutes to get through the 25 questions.


  • How much is it to add the Basic First Aid training per person and how long is that video?
    The Basic First Aid video training is just $1.00 per person when added to the Safeguard From Abuse Training, $5.00 per person if purchased separately. The video runs for about 11 minutes.


  • Do you offer your video training in Spanish?
    We’re working on it, hopefully in 2021.


  • Do we need to collect the volunteers’ social security numbers in order to use this program?
    No. Social security numbers are not required for our training. We only need an email address for each user.


  • How will I know that a trainee has completed the training I assigned?
    When users complete their training, the Administrator will be able to check the statistics by creating and running reports that show scores, percent of training completed, which questions a trainee had incorrect, and more.


  • What types of credit cards do you accept? Can I pay by check?
    For U.S. customers, we accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. International customers, we only accept payment by credit card -- all prices are in U.S. dollars and will be billed to you at the current exchange rate. For U.S. customers, we also accept payment by check.


  • How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?
    The charge will appear on your credit card as Safeguard From Abuse.


  • What is your billing address?
    Please make all checks payable to: Safeguard From Abuse, 558 Castle Pines Pkwy., B4-137, Castle Pines, CO 80108


  • What is your Privacy Policy?
    Your privacy is extremely important to us. Any personal or purchase information you give us is protected by SSL technology and secured networks accessible only to our Webmaster and authorized Safeguard From Abuse staff. We will never rent, sell, or reveal to outside persons or companies any personal or purchase information you have given us, without your permission, unless required by law to do so.

  • What if the video is counting down but nothing is displayed on the screen or if you get a message that says "Only Secure Content Displayed"?
    Click here to Disable or Turn off “Only Secure Content is Displayed” Message in Internet Explorer


  • How do I get help with my online training?
    Call our Customer Support team toll-free at 1.855.786.7228, M-F, 8am-4pm MST or email us at


  • Who can I contact with additional questions?
    Contact our Sales Team or Support Services at 1.855.786.7228, M-F, 8am-4pm MST or


Protect the children in your care before it's too late.

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