Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention for Nonprofits


For-impact organizations (aka non-profits) exist to lovingly fill the gap between economic and societal needs that haven’t historically been met by federal or local social services. Those who care for, advocate for, and work on behalf of children play an important role in our communities, providing life-changing resources for our most vulnerable populations. 


It’s a sad state of affairs, then, when their kindness makes their organization a target for predators looking for opportunities to interact with children. When the very thing their program exists for makes it a target for abuse that is life-changing in the worst ways. Child abusers are naturally going to be attracted to environments where children are. They’re looking for organizations that seem unaware of the risks or are not actively demonstrating abuse prevention policies, zero tolerance and intent to prosecute offenders. 


Those who practice physical, emotional and sexual abuse or exploitation of children are very good at hiding in plain sight. These abusers come across as harmless and caring individuals and gravitate to leadership positions. They have a knack for earning the trust of children and their parents. They know how to hide their misdeeds and convince children not to report the abuse. They share their knowledge of unsuspecting organizations with their dark network of fellow predators. 


Experts in child abuse prevention and recovery are clear: Anyone can be a child abuser. Any gender, any age, any socioeconomic status. And even those experts, with all their knowledge and experience, can’t predict who is a predator. Knowledge is your strongest defense.


Prevent child sexual abuse in your nonprofit with a comprehensive child protection program that enables your staff, childcare workers, and adult volunteers to know what to look for. 95% of child molesters don’t have a criminal record yet, so background checks, while an important layer of protection, are not enough. Recognition is key to prevention!

The Safeguard from Abuse Awareness Training is easy, convenient and affordable. It is youth-serving nonprofits’ best line of defense against child abuse.


In this short, dynamic video course, your team will learn:


  • Types of abuse and behaviors that qualify as abuse

  • Profiles of abusers and potential warning signs 

  • The types of roles predators seek out 

  • Policies and guidelines to put in place

  • Recognizing abusive or pre-abuse behaviors, such as “grooming”

  • Recognizing symptoms of abuse in children

  • Actions to take if abuse is suspected

  • How to help a child feel safe about telling the truth

  • Legal responsibilities of every organization

  • Specific roles legally required to report suspected abuse


Child abuse is a preventable problem. Protect those in your care with this invaluable knowledge. 



Protect the children in your care before it's too late.

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