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Rock RMS

Safeguard from Abuse partners with Rock RMS and their mission to supercharge ministry connections for churches large and small

Safeguard from Abuse

Safeguard from Abuse offers the most current, comprehensive, and engaging video training on child abuse prevention. 

It's hard to imagine, but child abuse happens everywhere. We don't like to think that any person in the Sunday school, youth ministry, children's ministry, or any other part of the church would harm a child. But it is THAT belief that attracts the perpetrator to your church. 

Churches provide opportunities for close contact and for close personal relationships with children. This is wonderful for healthy adults, but it allows abusers to easily find their next victim or victims. 

As a relationship management system, Rock is uniquely poised to supercharge ministry connections.

Rock is different than other church management systems. As a 501(c)3 non-profit developing an open-source product, they’re in the ministry trenches with you.

SAVE 10% on any of our child abuse prevention trainings. Simply enter the code “ROCKRMS10” during checkout.


Learn everything you need to know to prevent tragedy from striking within your own ranks with the convenient Safeguard from Abuse Awareness Video Training. With our Learning Management System, all training and testing is done online, and includes real-time reports and notifications for a facilitator.

Certify and train your entire staff


Start Saving Lives Now

Who does a child abuser look like? If you’re picturing a dubious-looking person of a specific gender or age, you’re already off-track. While it’s true that the most common offender type is a caucasian male in his mid-thirties, abuse infiltrates every gender and socioeconomic status. An abuser could be anyone & everyone. 

Start savings lives now for just $6.75 per trainee. 

Are you conducting background checks?

Check out our partner, SecureSearch, which specializes in comprehensive background screening of staff & volunteers. SecureSearch offers a deep-dive background search into every county the individual has lived for the past 7 years plus resume verification, drug screen, driving history and more. With over one billion criminal records searched in our database background checks, SecureSearch is committed to protecting your organization and those you’re responsible for safeguarding.

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